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Real patient experiences

His cat came back – as a clone!

Since 1960, Charles has owned a Siamese cat named “Blue”. The first three cats were good for over fifty years of companionship but this fourth “Blue” is an actual clone of Blue #3.

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We all need validation

I am feeling very grateful all the people I speak to and correspond with every day who convey their positive benefits while taking TA-65 or Recharge.

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Genomic entropy drives aneuploidy

A body is a machine in turn made up of trillions of cellular machines, all exhibiting decreasing genomic integrity and stability as we age. Here are some insights which help to explain aging as the result of increasing entropy

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The Goldilocks Principle of Telomeres

So what we believe from this new study is that telomere that are too short are bad, telomeres that are too long are trimmed, and that telomeres that are just right are best.

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