I am feeling very grateful all the people I speak to and correspond with every day who convey their positive benefits while taking TA-65 or Recharge.
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We all need validation

Today, I had the pleasure of seeing a patient for the fifth time in five years. I recall his interest in Bitcoin back in 2012 when he came to see me at age 31 (relatively young for most of my patients). Since then, he had the foresight to just keep buying Bitcoin, never really selling, and even invested in Bitcoin exchanges.If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, read this blog. He pointed out that on average the daily rate of return is 0.5%, which compares pretty favorably with any other investment class, I would say.

His belief in the value that not many people could see is something that I have chosen to take personally. I figure if he believes in what I’m doing and the benefit to him over the last five years, then that must be a good sign for my endeavors.

We had a fascinating two-hour lunch conversation about his involvement in crytpocurrency, the world as we know it, religion, and even what many would consider “conspiracy theories”. Hearing about my interest in dabbling in cryptocurrencies, he was even kind enough to sketch this best practices mind map for safely preserving Bitcoin on the back of a napkin.

At the age of 36, he has now become comfortably wealthy enough to not have to work but you would never know it from his humble demeanor. He did mention he was cashing some coins in to buy a jet, and that got me thinking on a meta level as to how such success came to someone so young and how he found me. So I thought about what traits he and most of my patients share:

  1. They do their own due diligence
  2. They don’t imagine the best answers come from the usual sources
  3. They have open and empirical minds
  4. They appreciate the value of good health and well being

I guess that what I’m trying to say is that even though no one will probably ever make my screenplay about African-American jockey, Ed Brown or Hellenized Greek philosopher, Hypatia into movies, it was nice to win Houston Film Festival awards. Validation feels good and that is why I’m feeling grateful to this young man for keeping up his visits and taking the TA-65 for five years.

Read about his remarkable transformations of health and telomere measurements here.  I imagine they came from destruction of damaged stem cells from infancy and cross replacement by less damaged versions. I look forward to his stable telomere measurements and hopefully continued improvement in his immune senescence profile.

Certainly in our culture money is validation but whether that comes or not, I am feeling very grateful all the people I speak to and correspond with every day who convey their positive benefits while taking TA-65 or Recharge. We don’t need to seek validation- it is often there if we just relax and listen.

Who are the people in your life that recognize your worth and see the value you are adding? Those are the ones that you should cherish and return the good vibes to.

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  1. Thank you for your continued work and I am very happy to receive your blogs regularly.
    Alice Dewey

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