You had one 'perfect' copy of DNA in your chromosomes when you were a single cell fertilized ege. Since then, each copy has made successive generations progressively worse
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Every New Year’s Guide to aging

Out with the old year and the old ideas and in with the new. I would like to offer my understanding of why we get old and sick and tell you what the future holds for defeating these scourges


1) You started with only one ‘perfect’ copy of DNA in your chromosomes when you were a single cell fertilized egg. Since then, each copy has made successive generations progressively worse




7292) There is no way to go back and look up the master copy and proofread and correct any newly minted cells to that standard of perfection. That said, custom stem cell differentiation will be available some day from your stored infant cord blood or adolescent ovarian/testicular biopsies.

When coupled with in situ senescent stem cell detection and destruction, we will have truly harnessed regenerative medicine.




5.2 Queenbee_RGB

3) We are eating off of ‘paper plates’ for most of our lives. In other words, the cells that make up most of our body and that we burn through rapidly are not the immortalized queen bee stem cells but rather throw-away drone bees and can only divide a finite number of times due to the Hayflick Limit

These queen bees are replenished by relatively younger ones frozen in cartilage known as mesenchymal stem stems. For more info read my book, Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging


png4) Axiom #3 is a good thing because immortalized species with too many stem cells like trees, lobsters, and jellyfish grow really large






5) The more times stem cells copy themselves the greater the accumulation of little errors from transcription and the higher the likelihood of cataclysmic errors from end-to-end fusion and nondisjunction that result from the joining of ‘naked’ telomere ends that the DNA repair team can’t distinguish from a chromosome break.


6) You can’t be old when you’re young because you have too high a reserve of genetically intact replacement stem cells

7) You can’t easily look younger even with telomerase activators because your cells are made from master copy queen bees that are already genetically damaged and have epigenetic modifications that are also transmitted

8) Cell replication, cell damage and destruction, and inflammation are not inherently bad if you maintain a huge reserve of high genetic integrity stem cells with long telomeres

9)  We actually depend upon cells both, stem and non-stem, to have intact self-annihilation from multiple mechanisms.  One of the primary ones is mediated by the “watchman of the genome”, P53, which triggers oxidative damage via poking holes in mitochondria. This hallmark of a an old an apoptotic cell is still mistaken for the cause, not result of aging

3.3 spidlecheckpoint_RGB_blk

10) Fixing damaged cells or tricking them to act younger is much less feasible and efficient than maintaining their genetic integrity by keeping the undamaged pool of stem cells healthier for longer via telomerase activity



So given these principles, the extreme health and longevity in the year 2116 will look like the following (may we all be around to benefit)…

1) banking cord blood for your newborn

2) getting great sleep (the time when your cells heal and or replace themselves)

3) avoid excessive inflammation and cell destruction (smoking, drinking, excessive exercise)

4) enhance telomerase activity with supplements, grateful abundant thinking, and humor.

5) questioning anyone who tries to sell you a theory of aging that ignores replicatative senescence, which is the only explanation that has natural models of premature aging, experimental evidence of age reversal, and thousands of articles linking disease of aging to shortened telomeres


Happy New Year and remember what Seal said in 1990 when he sang: “We’re never going to survive unless we get a little crazy”


“Crazy” by Seal lyrics:

In a church, by the face
He talks about the people going under

Only child know

A man decides after seventy years
That what he goes there for, is to unlock the door
While those around him criticize and sleep
And through a fractal on a breaking wall
I see you my friend, and touch your face again
Miracles will happen as we trip

But we’re never gonna survive, unless
We get a little crazy
No we’re never gonna survive, unless
We are a little crazy

Crazy yellow people walking through my head
One of them’s got a gun, to shoot the other one
And yet together they were friends at school
Ohh, get it, get it, get it, get it no no

If all were there when we first took the pill
Then maybe, then maybe, then maybe, then maybe
Miracles will happen as we speak

But we’re never gonna survive unless
We get a little crazy
No we’re never gonna survive unless
We are a little crazy
No no, never survive, unless we get a little bit

Oh, a little bit
Oh, a little bit

Amanda decides to go along after seventeen years
Oh darlin’
In a sky full of people, only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy
In a world full of people, only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy, crazy
In a heaven of people there’s only some want to fly
Ain’t that crazy
Oh babe, oh darlin’
In a world full of people there’s only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy, isn’t that crazy, isn’t that crazy, isn’t that crazy

But were never gonna survive unless, we get a little crazy
No were never gonna to survive unless we are a little
But were never gonna survive unless, we get a little crazy
No were never gonna to survive unless, we are a little, crazy
No no, never survive unless, we get a little bit

And then you see things
The size of which you’ve never known before

They’ll break it

Someday, only child know

Them things
The size of which you’ve never known before

Someday, someway, someway, someway, someday, someday

2 thoughts on “Every New Year’s Guide to aging”

  1. That first perfect copy comes from eons of duplication without flaw from parents, grandparents, great grand parents…initial living organism’s duplication. The new conception is simply a continuation of past duplications with maybe a bit of a mix of total epigenetics with preponderance from the parent concurrent with the conceived’s sex(male or female). Probably the quantity of epigenetics exhibited correlates to that subdued by associated protein overlays/sheaths, lack there of, extensions with influence of sex and micro electronic atomic chemical attractions/repulsions of particular molecular structures for acceptance/rejection of specific genetic and epigenetic DNA prescript.
    Perhaps the gametes after meiosis do live a more sheltered existence with specialized biochemistry involvement but still eons of copy history. Some DNA prescriptions in the millions and probably billions of years of duplication as there are archaeological evidence of eco-systems existent on Earth 3.5 billion years ago. Unless there were complete extinctions with subsequent new life development. Certainly time enough for that to have occurred but have not read of any evidence indicating regeneration of ecosystems after complete extinction. Even so there would still have been eons of genetic duplication for any, and certainly complex organisms such as ourselves, current new born progeny. No matter the biochemistry necessary any living construct is the product of quite specific, although there could be some flexibility in subsequent sequential cascading chemical structure and interaction, genetic(DNA) prescript.

    Once thought lack of optimal atomic nutrition with cumulative environmental detriments caused great amount of senescence, but women give birth to healthy babies, barring more dramatic toxins or deficiencies, who follow far from healthy life styles. Perhaps commonality of required atomic nutrients promotes this result but much seems to indicate rather precise DNA prescripts.

  2. An event related by Al Sears, MD who has 4 medical degrees and scored 99th percentile on MCAT with current clinical practice and quite involved with telomere, telomerase, and aging as the only disease. Had patient who I believe was 60 as this is the number remembered mentioned regarding patient’s age. She, the patient, had life long desire for children but had none. Obviously well beyond menopause at 58-60 years old. Dr. Sears was able to bring here back to ovulation, subsequent conception, and birth of a totally healthy baby girl who I believe was 2 years old at the time of the email. This was done, even the birth, “naturally.” Obviously a great deal of biochem understanding was involved in this all natural technique. Hard to imagine the gratitude by the patient.

    This occurrence seems to support telomere/telomerase biochem controlling various youth phases dependent on their micron length. No doubt there is supplemental biochem involved. But the idea that not just the data necessary to produce an organism, but that there could be enough DNA prescript information to produce or at least control various youthfully defined cell states in such molecular structures is a difficult realization to grasp. As seems to be true in nature small tweaks here and there have dramatic results. The many molecular sequences, cascades, structure, and micro machinations reveal organisms that are software packages written in atomic (molecular module) code with associated loops, i.e. energy production, repetitive needs, and glitches when intelligently observed seem simple to resolve but complicated to remediate within the normal chemical environment.
    The solution to the shortening telomere dilemma seems there should be one added after each division(once maturity is reached.) But activation would require some switch such as the mild acids released when we suffer injury that spurs telomerase production(genetic activation/production/positioning) by injury adjacent functional cells for increased cell copies. It then must deactivate upon tissue replacement which also requires some type of local chemical signal to stop increased cell duplication and telomerase activity(probably the dissolution/absorption of the initiating mild acids and adjacent cell to cell “pressure”(this would be quite difficult to mimic in the production of only one telomere per division. Easy to intelligently observe what needs to occur but necessary chemical interactions naturally occurring almost impossible.

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