We can all make mistakes and that doesn't make us bad people. It makes us human.
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It is okay to make mistakes

Today, I would like to invite you to be a little less condemning. Please watch this brief video first:

I am starting to believe that a number of people, owing to an artificially generated script of fear, are losing their humanity because they are too obsessed with parsing the world and its people into good and evil, trustworthy and false.

I’ll start by confessing that I made two stupid errors in my telomere books. In the first, I forgot the correct nucleic acid in RNA and someone pointed it out. In my second book, I cringed to learn that I referred to the leading and lagging strands as if they were the mothers and not the daughters. Surely, this mistake was missed by most but for some, it means automatic discreditation.

I had two very successful authors decline to endorse my book because they disagreed with parts of it that were central to their businesses, despite being generally positive about the book’s other themes and contents.

Recently, I have been called by election pollsters sho seem to have false dichotomy in their DNA. They ask if I am Republican or Democrat and the other answers imply that I also share these beliefs.

Here is the truth: I don’t agree with everything any politician espouses and I have to prioritize. That is what every adult thinking person should do.

Even the smartest people on the planet didn’t get perfect scores in all their exams and classes. Luckily, rocket science, brain surgery, and everything else we do have margins for error, collaboration, and don’t require perfection to execute.

Nowhere would I claim, nor should you believe, that my theories of aging are absolutely correct but you can believe that at the time I said them, I believed them to be true.

The more I learn, the less I truly seem to know for sure. And that is the nature of acquiring wisdom. We try not to make the same stupid mistakes in our work, our lives, and with our legacy.

The next time you are inclined to “unfriend” someone on social media or condemn them for not aligning with your beliefs, just gather up all your stones, place them in a corner in your glass house, and realize that we can all make mistakes and that doesn’t make us bad people. It makes us human.

Everyone needs to lighten up a bit and focus on being better people. Stop worrying about condemning others but instead, strive to become a person of authenticity, flexibility, and moral conviction. The last one doesn’t mean judging, by the way…it means being a light that attracts, not a person that seeks to extinguish others because you deem their candles to be dimmer.

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