Panacea was the Greek god of healing, not quackery. What if there was one way to help multiple organ systems?
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Panacea has a negative connotation only if you don’t believe in one

Panacea was the Greek god of healing, not quackery. What if there was one way to help multiple organ systems? What if an adaptogen was just such a key?

Today, I received a nice email, typical of many I get, from a RECHARGE user named Michael. For him, after six months of RECHARGE usage, he is getting the same benefits that I described in my podcasts on TA-65.  I think for many people who are willing to give it a try, many positive results across multiple organ systems, can experience improvement. Click hyperlinks to watch relevant podcasts.


Hello Dr. Park,

I received you phone message and was impressed you called. I’ve been meaning to write up my experience so thanks for the push.

I’m 55 life long athlete with a few health issues. Rotator cuff tear, Hep C, Asthma.

The rotator cuff is nearly healed due to my mental decision to heal and not have an operation. I defiantly know the Recharge has helped a great deal. I mean it’s just noticable one to one change.

Hep C I plan to get tested after 6 months or so of taking recharge.

Asthma is not getting better but may be worsening not sure due to weather conditions here. sometime I feel the recharge might be doing it but not sure and haven’t stop taking it.

I am taking other adaptogen products – experimenting here and there.

I’ve experienced everything on the bottle dreams, more energy, just overall feel better.

Oh, skin has definitely thickenedsexual performance is better.



To hear why asthma wouldn’t get better if the environmental allergens are present, watch this video where my friend’s dad got mad that his allergies returned on TA-65 (indicating immune recovery after years of chemo). He passed away from letting doctors mismanage him without any trace of brain cancer.

To learn more about why the liver is the most important organ we have, watch this video. The liver detoxifies, controls blood sugar, stores glycogen, helps digestion, and does much more. Daryl is featured in the video and passed away three weeks after taking a new Hep C drug.



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