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Paradigm-shifter, Dr. Janet Rowley, dies

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Janet Rowley dies

Janet Rowley, MD, was known for proposing that cancers are caused by a genetic malfunction, more specifically by translocation of DNA from the ends of one chromosome to another.  What is the process that allows this to occur? It is telomere erosion. This is the basis of my unified theory of aging and disease illustrated by this diagram from my book, “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging”

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If you read my book, you will understand so much more about cancer than most researchers because we get to the root causes for which Janet Rowley was scorned for decades until “respectable science” caught up with her. She died from Ovarian cancer in this, the same year her husband passed away.

If you want to have it all served to you an silver platter, just watch this video I did on the topic.

Podcast 12: TA doesn't cause cancer

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