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International Longevity Day (Oct 1) is unintentionally ironic

When we rally around a “War of Aging”, like the “War on Cancer” or the “War of Drugs” it is tantamount to saying that we are invested in the eternal existence of cancer or illicit drug use. If we wanted to solve problems, we would call it a “prevention and destruction of cancer” or a “solutions to the problems associated with illicit drug use”. To read about perpetual war, check out this blog.

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Telomerase is like flying – Jimmy Olson don’t fly

I was asked for the 1,000th time today whether telomerase causes cancer since it is present in 85% of cancers. I found this interesting article supporting my focus on a cancer stem cell model- that is to say not all cancer cells are immortal either and there are special ones that retain their super-powers, like flying.

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