Thriving after breast cancer

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For today’s #TestimonialTuesday, I want to share with you an email like many that I receive. Claudine T. explains that the frequency of colds and flus usually decreases and that is in line with the idea that aging is a form of AIDS and vice versa:


“I am an 8 year breast cancer survivor and feel so fortunate to be able to take TA 65 to help boost my immune system. My nails are long, strong and beautiful. I am thrilled to see new hair growth. My skin looks tighter, especially in the neck area. My sleep is much improved and I have vivid dreams. I stay thin, have more energy and did not have to replace my reading glasses.

Last winter, I did not get sick. I felt like I was getting a cold a couple of times, but within a day, the symptoms went away. I am on TA 65 for a year now and have cut back on a lot of other supplements. I plan of taking TA 65 for the rest of my life. I am 57 years old and feel great. Thank you for your dedication, your educational webcasts and your book. It is all very much appreciated!”


Just yesterday, I was speaking with my patient who remarked that her 88 year old husband and she hadn’t gotten the usual colds for years since starting TA-65.  If what we think about immune senescence being at the heart of aging, then it is encouraging that so many patients taking a telomerase activator report decreased severity and frequency of colds and flus.

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