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You are only as old as your immune system

Frequent readers of my blog know that I believe that immune competence is the key to fighting off diseases, especially cancer. Think of your immune system as being blank keys. As we age, fighting viruses, bacteria, and even our own cancer depletes the CD95 naive T-cells that we need.

This article describes a treatment where a terminal cancer patient was cured by being given back billions of her own immune cells:

More evidence that even with an old and depleted immune system you can cure cancer comes from President Jimmy Carter, who took an antibody marketed as Keytruda. The antibody blocks the inhibitor of cytotoxic T cells and in Carter’s case, allowed his old immune system to completely rid his brain of metastatic melanoma.

To learn more about the relationship between aging, immune depletion, and cancer, watch the following video that I made:

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