a sneeze

Do changes in temperature really give you a cold?

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I was at a seminar last night with hundreds of parents listening to Dr. Michel Borba, a wonderful expert in parenting.

After the seminar ended I was fending off people who wanted to shake hands or hug because of my current cold that I have been trying to shake since the weather turned chilly.

A friend (who also happened to be a medical doctor) quipped,  “I thought those pills you’re taking were supposed to protect you?”

I replied “This is the first cold I have had in 6 years.”

I think he thought I was kidding but other than weird, stay-in-your-throat type of scratches, I have been free of colds and flus ever since starting TA-65 in 2007. Before that, I would have 2-3 a year.  This is a common report of many patients and may relate to improved cellular immune function.

Learn more from this video that I did on the subject


a sneeze

viruses want us to sneeze

TOP 5 things you can do to avoid illness

1) Sleep a lot

2) Wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes

3) Carry hand sanitizer and use it

4) Leave a salty snack in your mouth (like salt/vinegar potato chips)

5) Exercise

6) Zinc lozenges

7) Keep warm and avoid sudden and extreme swings in temperature

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