This is the latest study linking shorter telomeres to disease (there are over 10,000) that once again falls victim to proving obvious yet useless information. In this study, they linked smaller hippocampal volumes (seen in Alzheimer's) with shorter white blood cell telomeres in a subset of women with a genetic prediliction for Alzheimers (the abnormal ApoE3 gene).
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Alzheimer’s risk linked to Telomere Length – (Oy Vey)

Here is the latest study linking telomere shortening to a bad disease, in this case, Alzheimer’s:


UCSF Alzheimer/telomere study

<Palm to forehead and a heavy sigh…> 

Why? Another multimillion dollar scholarly work showing that the emperor has no clothes and that telomere research has been highjacked by what I have decided tonight to call the “Tire Tread Falacy of Car Maintenance.” I predict another 20 billion dollars and 20 years before the academics relinquish this horrible practice of using the size of the craters on the moon to determine what type of cheese it is made of.


This is the latest study linking telomeres to disease (there are over 10,000) that once again falls victim to proving obvious yet useless information.  In this study, they linked smaller hippocampal volumes (seen in Alzheimer’s) with shorter white blood cell telomeres in a subset of women with a genetic predilection for Alzheimer’s (the abnormal ApoE3 gene).


The reason I evoke the “emperor’s new clothes” is that my  STEM CELL THEORY OF AGING says that all diseases are obviously linked to shortening of telomeres but no one sees it.

1.1 emperor's new clothes_RGB_blk

That is because according to my grand-unifying theory, all stem cells shorten their telomeres with copying and the only difference in the one disease with a thousand faces is what stem cell is involved:


6.2 onedisease_original


What would I have done differently? First, we need to get away from the false dogma that leukocyte telomere length is a proxy for the telomere health of other cell types, in this case, the neural stem cells of the hippocampus.  I call it the “Tire Tread Falacy of Car Maintenance”.   That is the notion that because it is easy to measure tire tread without taking apart the car (just like it’s easier to draw blood than biopsy the organ of interest), that the tire tread will correlate with the aging of the pistons, electrical system, fan belts, etc.

Nonsense.  We need ORGAN-SPECIFIC studies of telomere health and maintenance; in this instance, a brain biopsy from the hippocampus of patients who died with Alzheimer’s versus those who died of other causes.  And the scientists 10-20 years from now who finally do that study will hopefully measure white blood cell telomeres simultaneously and debunk the premise of this UCFS study.  Personally, I suggest we stop looking at white blood cells to infer the aging of the neural cells or any other cells but unfortunately, no one cares what I want for telomere research yet.  Any major dude will tell you one of the authors of this study has a Nobel Prize in Medicine and I’m just the kid with the chutzpah to suggest a naked emperor. But I hold that truth is independent of it’s source and so I’ll patiently wait for my honorary masters degree from UCSF ….in the study of the obvious!

To learn more about my clear, logical, and testable theories of aging based on one explanation, not thousands, read “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging”


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  1. Dr Park Do not be so hard on this subject of your peers lack of judgments nor their approval of you and your studies – lets be honest concerning them and most humanoids – it’s all about the money. Until your peers or those backing them and or being blessed financially from them can see a way that they too can be prosperous with what you teach and know to be true – they themselves will slave away at proving that their inerrant theories are truly king – don’t be hard on them or yourself and quit squabbling away at them as doing so will only distance them and those who listen to them from you and your factual research – just do what you are doing and ask The Creator for His Wisdom on how to get your products and The Positive Messages of your products and facts out into the public arena and you will do more good and have less stress by doing so — the people want the truth and will find the Truth and yield to it – those in their present power structure and who wish to remain in it will fall as have all who remain stupid and arrogant and money motivated and not people orientated … use Gods Wisdom Dr Park for He will give it top you when you ask Him for it …

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