Hip pain gone – now let’s dance!

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For #TestimonialTuesday, here is an email from Alice D. about her hip.  She’s a 61 yo taking TA-65 for about 15 months.  We definitely need to do a clinical trial testing these results for bone density, don’t you think? I have another great anecdote here but people treat anecdotes like the antithesis of proof because they are naturally skeptical of the “praise the lawd” woman casting away her walker for the faith healer.  In fact, the skepticism I encounter is inversely proportional to how awesome the results appear to be…so we need independent clinical trial validation.

(The testimonial also brings up the point that most people find the second year to be even better than the first because a lot of the groundwork has already been done. N.B. I no longer recommend taking the Bile Acids in a patient with a normal gall bladder)


Dear Dr. Park,

I just wanted to let you know that the TA65 is working on my hip!  I have combined it with the bile acids and physical therapy and I don’t believe that I will need a hip replacement now!  Two surgeons recommended hip replacement but, then again, that is what they do! When I went to the physical therapist that Ron found, she said that she thought she could help me and she has!!!!  I danced for 2 hours at a ballroom dance on Saturday night!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help in keeping those telomeres from shortening to the point where my hip wouldn’t have healed with the physical therapy.  I have long believed that we are the ones who know our bodies better than anyone else if we just listen to it and do our homework.
I hated the idea that I’d have to get another hip when I was 80 or so.  And I love the idea that TA65 will help the rest of me too.

Thanks Dr. Park, (and I need another bottle)
Alice D.


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