It’s the End of the World (as we know it) – unless you support my fund

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Dear friends and followers of my work.  Tonight, I was filled with a sense of impending doom as the evening’s full moon disappeared. 



Luckily, this was not a sign of the apocalypse but just a shadow cast by the earth (although it will be another 20 years before it occurs when the moon is this close perigee).

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.48.45 PM

If the world really does end tomorrow, then the point is moot.  If not, then please consider donating to my legal defense fund.  On Friday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) informed me that I have one week to surrender in their war on telomerase activation.  They want to forbid me from discussing TA-65 which, although it won’t spell the end of my world as I know it, would be a serious problem for my blogs, videos, and educational efforts that I’ve worked to create over the years.

If you have been amused, inspired, or the least bit interested by the content that I have worked to produce since 2007, please visit this page to donate to my legal defense fund.

I may not be able to fight the feds, but I need competent legal representation to protect my right to share what I know with the world going forward.

Yours truly,

Dr. Ed Park

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  1. what is the exact reason they dont want you to discuss ta-65.are you making promises with no long term proof?. can you talk about it differently without saying it makes you younger. has the food and drug administration gotten involved. does it have anything to do with the high cost without proof of effectiveness? i know it works, but their agenda(government) is to sicken and lesson the population for the financial gain, and keeping people younger would virtually wipe out many disease states that come with aging and immune weakness.

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