In this 62-minute, we have a cheerful and accessible discussion that nonetheless goes quite deeply into my Telomere/Stem Cell Theory of Aging- right down a breakdown of Koch's Postulates (the foundation of establishing disease causation versus correlation), the nature of stem cells, and how to naturally live longer and healthier
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Listen to my Hay House Summit Interview “A New Theory of Aging”

From May 6th-May 23rd, you have free access to the 125 interviews and videos of the 2017 Hay House Summit.

Click here to register for free and listen for free. It is quite a lively discussion and I am grateful to Greg Sherwood for the interview.

There are so many great authors and I particularly recommend Wayne Dyer, Teal Swan, and Eckhart Tolle. There are so many great things to learn so please take advantage of this temporary offer.

Listen to my interview for at least the laugh elicited by by my one-liner “The only thing that improves after age 25 –   is your opinion of yourself.”


We dive pretty deeply into Koch’s Postulates (or how to establish disease causation versus correlation), the Cancer Stem Cell Theory, the ecology of stem cells, and other important concepts related to health, aging, and wellness.


Other quotes:

Pharma is looking for something to get rich on; but we’re looking for the fundamental truth.”

Inflammation and oxidation are misinterpreted as the cause when they are actually the RESULT of aging.”

We don’t want our cells to act like 65-yo Greek civil service employees. (No offense to Greeks…or civil service employees).”

“Stem cells are like superheroes. Cancer tends to arise in [Clark Kent] not Jimmy Olson”

Everything that we do medically [for cancer treatment] is dependent upon existing apoptotic pathways.”

Science looks at things like breathing, sleep, mindset [and they find an association with telomeres]. But what people aren’t really putting together is that [those associations] are causal.”

“If you had a car that you paid a lot of money for, would you say ‘well I’ll wait until something breaks to fix it’?”

The anti-aging gurus that I know are getting old. I hope to be giving this interview in 100 years and saying ‘everyone that called me an idiot is now dead!'”

“People want a check list but in reality only you can discover what makes you feel healthy. And if that means sleeping 10 hours and eating bon-bons, maybe that’s your best way to activate telomerase and stay young.”

If you have an hour-long commute – I highly recommend spending it with me and Greg. It is a very concise and engaging voyage into the themes and ideas that I have tried to disseminate over the last 8 years.

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