The FDA recently issued a warning about exosomes so we may have a window that will be closing. If you want to receive all the passwords and future blogs, all you need to do is contact me with an email to
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Learn about exosomes while you still can

Dear reader of my blogs:

Over the years I have tried to share things that were interesting to me with the hopes that they would also interest you.

I still believe and understand telomere attrition to be the cause of stem cell damage and depletion. In addition, I still maintain that telomerase activating adaptogens can help slow aging.  But now we have something called exosomes that appears to use the body’s own cellular communication to reverse many of the ravages of time.

You may have already seen many of my password-protected blogs and been curious. I will list all of the blogs below but without passwords. I have several reasons for limiting viewing of these posts:

  1. I want to have a personal physician-patient relationship with readers so I can address their questions and concerns
  2. I don’t want the clinical anecdotes and empirical conclusions that I reach to be construed as “settled” science or advertising
  3. A relationship build on trust will include the limits of my knowledge and I wouldn’t want people who didn’t have an a relationship with me to be exposed to false hope

So take a look at the blogs below. I do not expect you to “buy” anything and I only offer this invitation to everyone who has followed my blogs because you or someone you know might benefit from the knowledge contained therein. 

The FDA recently issued a warning about exosomes so we may have a window that will be closing. If you want to receive all the passwords and future blogs, all you need to do is contact me with an email to

I need your name, date of birth, phone number, how we know each other, and why you are interested in exosomes. After a brief phone conversation, you will have free access to these and all future blogs.


Dr Ed Park

I still have voluntary ASMR eight months out. Mom’s arthritis is greatly improved. She has received 13 vials of exosomes in many locations and is feeling great. I have taken 8 vials myself and it helped my knee, shoulder, Achilles’, and memory.

I explain why I believe exosomes aren’t inert. An amazing case of an overnight in heart rate variability is presented.

The patient had whiplash and traumatic brain injury. She continues to feel well and her hand numbness is gone. Her dental disease improved after a second set of injections(see blog 18)

Both runners continue to run without the chronic pain and limitation from tendinosis that plagued them for months (in the case of the 60-yo man, and years (in the case of the 53-yo woman)

In this blog, I discussed how complicated clinical medicine can be. Different treatment protocols, ambiguous results ethical dilemmas and strange phenomena like acquired coffee aversion are part of what make treating with exosomes so challenging.

Using my left foot as an example, I attempt to explain that while some exosome effects are immediate, others take time. Remodeling of damaged tissues is a complicated process. My foot is still scarred and probably will be for life.

Antonia continues to be pain free after 4 years of suffering. She wants another treatment.

I explain why lab testing of freshly thawed exosomes is SUPPOSED to come back as normal saline.

A nine-part comprehensive explanation of exosomes.

No password is required for blog 10

I interviewed the principal scientists of Kimera Labs and other experienced clinicians using exosomes

66-yo Deb B. She is months out and loving her “new” knees. She still does 100 squats daily after not being able to do even one. We gave her another injection nasally and it helped her read. She wants a third treatment for herself and her father.

80-yo Doug describes in his video how much his knees have improved since getting exosome injections. He is reaching new athletic peaks with no signs of stopping. He just received a second injection and ran 7 miles the same day as well as a half marathon 4 days later

My 82-yo mom underwent microneedling with exosomes with fantastic results. Most impressive was the absence of “downtime” from redness or bruising. Mom did microneedling on me as well!

54-yo weight lifter with chronic pain from a rotator cuff tear shows remarkable improvement in just four days! He re-injured it at the gym so had to undergo a repeat shoulder injection, which helped.

48-yo woman with severe face blindness experiences some improvement after nasal injections of exosomes. Her ability to remember new faces has improved permanently!

I delivered two lectures in Hawaii. The first was about exosomes generally and the second is a password-protected video about clinical applications.

Three cases of middle-aged women reporting enhanced enjoyment and renewed capacity to read after nasal exosome therapy. I have since heard a fourth case of improved reading.

Password for blog 18 is “teeth”

Two cases of improved dental health presented. We discuss the hazards of EMF and the promising future of dental regenerative therapy

We discuss the notion of energy centers known as chakras and the fact that we are electrical beings

A case of improvement in Seborrheoic Dermatitis after microneedling with MSC exosomes is presented. We are already planning his next treatment in Hawaii.

I explain how poor we are at assessing change and how attribution and recall bias play important roles

In the past year, there has been a lot of shifting loyalties in the exosome space resulting in a lot of rumor, innuendo, and bad press. With various parties trying to get each other in trouble with federal regulators, it is a treacherous business to be in.

I describe a case of an 86-yo woman whose chronic leg rash disappeared after improvement in her leg circulation

I use a car wash analogy to answer the question “how long do exosomes last?” The answer is it depends on how dirty and damaged the car is, how well you clean it, and how dirty you get it after washing.

I describe four successful cases of knee injections that I performed on a trip to Hawaii.

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