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Exosomes 37 – The First Year’s Results

General Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement for exosomes. The clinical use of exosomes has not been FDA-approved for prevention nor treatment of any disease condition and may carry unknown risks. Anecdotes provided do not constitute scientific proof and all patients were treated in the context of a fully informed consent and legally protected patient-physician relationship.

EXOSOMES 37: The First Year’s Results

In this blog, I would like to honestly and comprehensively review my first year of clinical usage of exosomes. 12 months ago, I opened my practice up to outside patients only after I had done multiple injections on myself and my mother for a couple of months beforehand.

I will attempt discuss the numbers and types of procedures, the general gestalt, complications, patients that were less than happy with their results, and close with some patient quotes.

Numbers of Procedures

I have treated a total of 89 patients in 144 encounters in 256 different sites.

The sites in descending order of frequency were:

IV (antecubital) -75

Knees – 47 (all but one used hyaluronic acid)

Nasal – 31

Shoulder- 27

Ligaments – 18

Facial -17

Epidural -16

Nerves – 8

Dental -5

Hips -3

Arterial -3

Penile -2

Spinal -2

Fingers -1


There were 26 patients who received injections on different occasions with the most being my mother (11), followed by me (6), then Deb (4), five patients with (3), then seventeen patients with (2).

General Gestalt

Generally speaking the majority of people experienced positive results including many that were unexpected and in multiple or distant areas. I would say that only 10 patients reported no significant benefit yielding an 89% overall positive response rate. I will those patients who reported no benefits and if you don’t recognize your own case, feel free to email me to be added. (I attempted to contact all my previous patients by email or phone)


JP, a 54-yo woman who received IV and shoulder treatment

YM, a 60-yo woman who received IV injections

AA, a 61-yo woman who received IV and lumbar injection

SA, 75-yo man with unilateral knee injection

RL, a 68-yo man who received IV therapy for vascular insufficiency

VC, an 83-yo man who received bilateral knee injections

SF, a 38-yo man who received shoulder injection

WM, a 58-yo man who received nasal injection to attempt to treat a narcoleptic condition

RL, a 72-yo man who received intraspinal injection to attempt to treat post-herpetic neuralgia

SR, a 50-yo man who received IV therapy for severe chronic reactive airways (asthma)


In the IV treatments, there were six complications, none of which were serious or lasting. The first was my own bronchitis lasting 7 days. There were two near-fainting episodes (JM and SW -both of whom had a history of fainting with blood draws in both), one patient (SL) had epigastric pain c/w pancreatic pain that resolved quickly. One patient (KH) was had an acne outbreak for 3 weeks. One patient (JP) had a macropapular rash on her trunk and legs consistent with an atypical case of Pityriasis Rosea (HHV-6 or 7) that resolved after six weeks during which she also had extreme life stresses.

In the nasal treatment group, there were no reported complications

In the knee treatment group, there were three complications. One patient (EZ) had new onset of neuralgia in the dermatome above the knee, possibly due to central nerve compression from an undiagnosed bone spur. One patient (CY) had aggressive mood after his first injection and moderate pain for a few days after possible intraligamentous injection during his second knee treatment.

In the shoulder treatment group, there were three complications. Mom had a micropapular rash over the treatment area that resolved after a few days and also a URI complicated by loss of smell that resolved after a week. One patient (MC) had increased libido.

Suboptimal results

MC had two shoulder treatments and although mild improvement was noted, it was not enough to stave off shoulder replacement.

BD had bilateral knee injections and although mild improvement was noted, it was not enough to stave off knee replacement.

EO had severe Alzheimer’s and although mild improvement was noted in her vocalizations, she remains severely impaired.

JO had severe kyphoscholiosis and although there was slight improvement flexibility as well as mood and energy, he remains severely impaired.

JP a man with ASIA A T4 Spinal Cord injury who experienced some new sensations as well as involuntary movements although he remains severely affected by the spinal cord injury sequelae.

Positive Results and Take home lessons

I would ask you to read the 36 blogs below to learn some of the results. Nearly every day, I receive more positive feedback that doesn’t make it to the blogs and this has proved very gratifying. I have to warn people to be careful to not induce a new injury in the first three weeks after treatment as that has happened in a couple of cases when people overdid it too soon during the body’s remodeling (VS and AL). Also, as BH showed, if you get significant improvement from one shot, it is highly recommended to repeat a treatment as he went from having a frozen shoulder, to 65% better after the first injection, to 95% after his second with the ability to bench press 315 lbs now!

In general, I would say that IV is well tolerated and can have a variety of effects throughout the body. The nasal procedure (which I believe I am the only one performing right now) is very well tolerated. Knee treatments and ligament treatments have a high satisfaction rate. Microneedling is also well tolerated, effective, and has almost no “down time” unlike the PRP-based “Vampire Facials”. Patients who received lumbar epidural treatment all noted significant reduction in their symptoms as did those who received dental or nerve treatments. Erectile function improved in all cases treated. Finally, arterial treatments appear to improve subjective indications of circulation such as subjective and objective skin temperature.

I close with just a few excerpts from the many calls and emails that I receive. Of course, there is no way of knowing whether exosome treatments played a role in their symptoms and I must reiterate that exosomes are NOT FDA-approved to prevent or treat any medical condition. Exosomes should be administered within the context of a fully-informed and legally-protected patient physician relationship by someone with good judgement and relevant clinical experience.

Recent correspondences
“I’ve experienced changes and or healing in areas of my body literally from head to toe.  The common thread  is these are all areas of prior injury either directly or areas affected by the injury. I find that this healing process is still unfolding.”
-MJL, 66yo woman who received IV, lumbar, and nasal treatment

“My back is still achy and the big toe and ball of my left foot is still numbish, however . . . my back is now strong as an ox!  In the past, heavy work would have aggravated my back and I would have had to bed rest it for several days to recover.  If fact, in the recent past, I would not have been able to do that kind of heavy work.  But not now.  Since February, I have continued to do all kinds of heavy lifting.  I’ve been moving appliances, furniture, heavy tools/equipment, as well as cutting and moving tree logs by myself!  I almost forgot, I’ve also been carrying large rocks to rebuild my rock wall!  All things I have not been able to do for years without help and all with no residual pains to my back, which was common in the past. I have had numerous past episodes with back pain where I was bedridden for over a week, needed a wheel chair, or walked with a cane.  Additionally note:  I walk my dogs multiple times everyday.  In the past, bending down to pick up their “poo” was very painful and difficult.  Now, while I am still somewhat stiff and lack flexibility, it is no longer a challenge to bend over and pick up after them; it no longer hurts.

Following the nasal exosomes, I seem to be much more able to cope with the breadth of responsibilities on my plate. 

Over the years I have been experiencing increasing neck pain.  My neck was just getting stiffer and stiffer, and sorer and sorer.  Since the shots, I’ve notices that while my neck is still somewhat sore, I am turning my head in both directing much further than before when checking before changing lanes.  It’s made me a safer driver! “

-SP, 62-yo woman who received nasal and lumbar epidural injections

“The knuckle and ankle are still both 100% resolved. 
My feet [plantar fasciitis], they too healed like my back, I would be on them all day long and they still got better. I can walk for miles with no problem.”
-KW, 61-yo man who received IV, subacromial, knees, ankle, and plantar fascia

Feel free to bookmark the following link to have all my exosomes videos at your fingertips!

Archived exosome blogs….Please read them all at your convenience

I still have voluntary ASMR. Mom’s arthritis is greatly improved.

I explain why I believe exosomes aren’t inert. An amazing case of an overnight in heart rate variability is presented.

A case of whiplash and traumatic brain injury improved after exosome use.

After exosome injection, two runners were able to return to running after limitations from tendinosis that plagued them for months (in the case of the 60-yo man, and years (in the case of the 53-yo woman)

In this blog, I discussed how complicated clinical medicine can be. Different treatment protocols, ambiguous results ethical dilemmas and strange phenomena like acquired coffee aversion are part of what make treating with exosomes so challenging.

Using my left foot as an example, I attempt to explain that while some exosome effects are immediate, others take time. Remodeling of damaged tissues is a complicated process. My foot is still scarred and probably will be for life.

A patient after dental exosome injection becomes pain free after 4 years of suffering.

I explain why lab testing of freshly thawed exosomes is SUPPOSED to come back as normal saline.

A nine-part comprehensive explanation of exosomes.

I interviewed the principal scientists of Kimera Labs and other experienced clinicians using exosomes

66-yo Deb B went from not being able to do one squat to 100 per day after exosome injection.

80-yo Doug describes in his video how much his knees have improved since getting exosome injections. He is reaching new athletic peaks with no signs of stopping.

My 82-yo mom underwent microneedling with exosomes with fantastic results. Most impressive was the absence of “downtime” from redness or bruising.

54-yo weightlifter with chronic pain from a rotator cuff tear shows remarkable improvement in just four days! He re-injured it at the gym so had to undergo a repeat shoulder injection

48-yo woman with severe face blindness experiences some improvement after nasal injections of exosomes. Her ability to remember new faces has improved permanently

I delivered two lectures in Hawaii. The first was about exosomes generally and the second is a password-protected video about clinical applications.

Three cases of middle-aged women reporting enhanced enjoyment and renewed capacity to read after nasal exosome therapy

Two cases of improved dental health presented. We discuss the hazards of EMF and the promising future of dental regenerative therapy

We discuss the notion of energy centers known as chakras and the fact that we are electrical beings

A case of improvement in Seborrheoic Dermatitis after microneedling with MSC exosomes is presented.

I explain how poor we are at assessing change and how attribution and recall bias play important roles

In the past year, there has been a lot of shifting loyalties in the exosome space resulting in a lot of rumor, innuendo, and bad press. With various parties trying to get each other in trouble with federal regulators, it is a treacherous business to be in.

I describe a case of an 86-yo woman whose chronic leg rash disappeared after improvement in her leg circulation

I use a car wash analogy to answer the question “how long do exosomes last?” The answer is it depends on how dirty and damaged the car is, how well you clean it, and how dirty you get it after washing.

I describe four cases of improvement of osteoartritic knees from my trip to Hawaii.

I explain the three definitions of placebo and why I believe most of the effects of exosomes cannot be attributed to the so-called placebo effect.

Some remarkable “soft signs” of exosome effects include itching (new nerves), twitching (new muscles), and heaviness (a healing FORCE).

Three amigos came to see me and all enjoyed benefits. The best was the 48-yo gentleman who had a dramatic improvements to his irritable bowel syndrome, varicose veins, and appearance.

I address the common observation from patients that exosomes seem “smart” or that they know where to go. In fact, I doubt this is true and that they are no smarter than player piano scrolls are good musicians.

I gave a lecture at the University of Hawaii with about 80 attendees. Around 10 of them were actual patients. Hear in their own words how exosomes helped them.

I describe two cases of improved leg swelling and explain what causes this common condition and how exosomes may be improving it.

We present an amazing case of overnight nerve regeneration after ultrasound-targeted exosome injections.

A fascinating case of resumption of menstruation after taking IV exosomes

I speculate why a patient reported improvement in her double vision after exosome injection

My mom used to have cold hands and feet. Now she does not. I present a new technique for arterial and peri-arterial injection of exosomes

I review a case of tinnitus that improved after exosome use and explain the common condition


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