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Exosomes 19: Chakra Balancing with Exosomes

General Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only. It is not an advertisement for exosomes. Use of exosomes has not been FDA-approved for prevention nor treatment of any disease condition.  Anecdotes provided do not constitute scientific proof and all patients were treated in the context of a fully informed consent and patient-physician relationship.

Exosomes 19: Chakra Balancing with Exosomes

This blog will address a topic of which I am woefully unqualified to discuss; so I will try to turn that into an advantage by using a beginner mindset.

In the traditional Hindu religion, they speak of Chakras which are subtle energy “wheels” of a mixed literal and allegorical nature. The lowest chakra is involved with feelings of safety. The orange chakra deals with creativity and sexuality. The yellow chakra is related to social belonging. The green central chakra pertains to love. The blue throat chakra is related to self-expression. The purple third eye chakra is related to discernment and intuition. And the top crown chakra is related to pure consciousness without subject or object.

A friend with more than a cursory knowledge once told me that these “wheels” of energy, roughly corresponding to actual anatomical nerve plexae, 

and when you are in good health, they are meant to turn together like gears, if you will:

The reason I bring up this esoteric, Oriental system of ontology is not because I believe in it but because there are definite phenomena that could best be understood if these chakras did in fact exist. Let me explain.

Let us begin with the basics. We are electromagnetic beings mainly as the result of neural conduction and perhaps pranic (energetic) flow. The Hindu concept of nadis (energy channels) roughly corresponds to the three “channels” of the central cord, the right sided heating and masculine right channel (sympathetic) connected to the left cerebral hemisphere (the logical side) and the left sided cooling and feminine left channel (or parasympathetic) connected to the right sided, emotional cerebral hemisphere.

Before you poo-poo what you don’t know, read this blog I did 5 years ago about the difference between right and left nostril breathing and try it for yourself. This is practical physiology that has been practiced for thousands of year.

So what does any of this have to do with exosomes? Well it may be quite a lot based on three cases: the first is the two ladies who received simultaneous injections with opposite results, the second is my own voluntary ASMR, and the third is Wally and his feelings of integration and grounding.

Early on in my clinical experience, I had two women, one about 54 and the other 62 who took 10B IV exosome each on a Sunday afternoon. The high-strung, peppy woman became sedate and sleepy. In contrast, the phlegmatic, anxious one became activated and social. I spend the day socially with them and observed their very strong opposite reactions. As I explain to those taking TA-65 or Recharge, adaptogens tend to work that way; they rebalance you back to the less extreme condition. I often see high-strung and extroverted people who run on little sleep complain of feeling sleepy when taking adaptogens; they are maxed out on endorphins and endocannabinoids. It appears that the lower chakras are reasserting their control when that happens.

In contrast, the woman who was depressed and anxious was in a state lower chakra dominance; the exosomes reconnected the higher chakras of belonging and expression and this manifested as being activated and socially engaged.

In my first and second blogs, I described voluntary ASMR that persists and which occurred precisely two hours after my first nasal injection of MSC exosomes. I previously could elicit this by thinking of twin girls in the movie, The Shining, or by watching one of the ASMR videos that have become popular during the last four years since its “discovery.”  But most reliably, I used to feel it during a position of standing at attention with my hands in prayer over my heart during hot yoga. Now, I can elicit it at any time. My theory is that for a moment during yoga, my practice balanced my chakras and allowed them to turn together like gears, Now, my unlocked superpower appears to be able to summon instant chakra balancing (if that’s indeed what ASMR respresents energetically) at will.

I will close with the third and most interesting case of subtle energy in 56-yo Wally. As I blogged about in blog 15 about face blindness (see below), most of us are very poor at monitoring our own physiology and the changes that occur. Not Wally. I injected his shoulder and his lumbar epidural space and within 30 seconds, he reported feeling both grounded and “airy”. Owing to chronic neck and back pain, the immediate anesthetic effects of exosomes (whose mechanism is unclear to me), his “pain body” if you will made him more airy. I believe the removal of pain and the reintegration of his chakras made him feel more “grounded”. The phrase “grounded” has a very subjective energetic meaning and possibly a literal one: electrical grounding meaning no short circuits or lack of flow. Oddly, the exact phrase “I feel grounded” has come up multiple times after nasal or spinal injection suggesting that there may be something to the ancient theories of chakras, nadis, and subtle energy that correspond to physiology in a literal way.

Wally frequently updates me on the changes in his physiology which include improved function, decreased pain, and occasional twinging pain which is a common symptom that I believe represents new nerves and muscles coming online.

I used to think that inflammation was the tail wagging the dog of aging but this year, I had the epiphany that it can be both as explained in this blog. fear, anxiety and lack of vagal tone causes autoimmunity and inflammation. That activation of the right pingalai nadi corresponds to a lack of vagal tone and the nexus between inflammation, autoimmunity, and senescence in an ever-expanding fractal sense is quite real. 

To be honest, I don’t know if any of what I’ve just written is real or makes sense. I do know that some people claim to be able to see energy as auras. I recall being at a New Age festival in Idaho where I was speaking and after an hour of yoga, I tried the “aura reading” machine. My aura was a symmetric and rainbow colored whereas the woman who was angry that her aura was unilateral and red as she cast aspersions on the vendor and on me as a “plant”. The vendor said “he’s not in his body; it’s his fault!” which immediately contracted my energy and put me in a fearful state. When I repeated the test, there was little visible energy…just a little orange. Perhaps that was hucksterism and I can’t even venture a guess as to what the nature of the science might be. But it is entirely possible that the physiology and function of our nerves and consciousness to create energy that can be measured and that does have literal and allegorical significance when out of flow, balance, and integration.

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  1. I absolutely love this post. The courage to tackle topics with so much history behind them is much appreciated. Over the last many years of my life I have eagerly soaked up details from many disciplines to understand their differences only to eventually discover mostly similarities in views and perspectives. While I will not claim to understand a lot of what you have written, I believe the adventure of following what you write is all about an authentic and hungry learner on a path. Thank you for sharing your courage and joy as you walk your own path.

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